The Journey to Wellness

Many of us start the new year off with resolutions. To those who say, “I don’t believe in resolutions,” I say, “Whatever!” In my humble opinion, each day is a new day and a new chance to get started towards our goals. Of course, we must take caution not to simply use lip service to talk about what we want to do, but rather, define our desires and take the action steps to fulfill them.

I have started this year with the resolve to focus on wellness. My journey to wellness is borne of my fight with fibroids. Despite having had surgery last year to remove the fibroid that was causing my problems, they (the problems) are not gone. And I brought this year in with iron and energy levels so low that one of my resolutions was made for me.

Part of my healing journey has been to begin this blog. I believe that along with the journey to physical wellness we must look at our whole person. Our physical being is affected by our emotional and spiritual wellness. In that capacity, this blog will address not only physical issues, but also relationship, financial, spiritual, and other issues.

During this journey, my beliefs will become known (I am a Christian woman), and it is not my objective to offend anyone of differing faiths.  However, I do have faith in Jesus Christ, and part of my journey to spiritual wellness will include the desire to increase my faith along the way.

You are welcome to join me along the journey of Wellness and Purpose. 

Enjoy the ride!


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