Why I started this blog

I started this blog — apparently five years ago — because these two concepts, WELLNESS and PURPOSE — are important.  Throughout my life’s journey, I have constantly struggled with the need to understand why I’m here and what I’m called to do.  How do I serve a greater purpose? As to the wellness piece, it’s a means to the end of purpose.  I will need to pursue wellness in order to foster my own well-being and to be able to meaningfully and mindfully contribute.

This feels and sounds a bit redundant, but it’s still meaningful to me.  I still struggle with the concepts and needed to revisit this here for sanity’s sake.

If only I would do this earlier, rather than at the end of my day, I’d perhaps feel more inspired to continue.

Until later.


Weekly Writing Workshop and Synchronicity

Last night, I attended my weekly writer’s workshop which I’ve been attending for about three months now.  In a post soon to come, I will go into more detail about the journey toward spiritual and emotional growth that I’ve been on this year (and link it to this post if I can figure out how).  I was blown away by the amount of commonalilty that I recognize between church on Sunday morning and the writing workshop.  We literally covered the same topic of discovering our unique purpose and both even mentioned going to Toastmasters to strengthen our speaking/presenting skills.  I can honestly say that Toastmasters rarely comes up in any conversation with me, so for it to come up two times in one day in settings that have some significant differences feels more like a mandate than a sign.

The exercise that we focused on in the writing workshop was designed to uncover our purpose and to develop an elevator speech that we can use to tell more about ourselves.  It was based on answering the following five simple questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Who do you do it for?
  4. What do those people want or need?
  5. What do you get out of it?

We then repeated the question “What do you do?” In this instance, we used the answer to question #5 as the answer.  This is the revelation of our purpose (at least in the sense of that definition of the identity that was given in #2.

I have played around with it and answered two different ways (one as a “child of God” and the other as an “Accountant”).  My goal is to compare and look for similarities of purpose as well as to tap into that which evokes a more personal and visceral response deep within myself.

The journey continues, but this feels like a great start.

The Quest for Purpose

I started the post below almost four years ago (January 30, 2011 to be exact), and had it sitting unfinished in my drafts.  Today, I will post it because I believe in the recognition of growth and I find myself more motivated and inspired on this journey.  I am still searching though.  Much of my life’s journey has been about figuring out this purpose, and in the interim, I have accomplished much, but there’s still an opening…

Here goes. The old post.


Isn’t that what it’s all about? Finding and fulfilling our life’s purpose.  For some, it’s simple. It’s as if they were truly born to do one thing. Singers feel as if they were born to sing. And without the gift of song, they’d be unable to breathe. Some are born scientists.

Then there are the rest of us?

People ponder the question in many ways. And oftentimes, the question is tied to money:

“What would you do if money were no object?”

“What am I called to do?”

“Do what you love, and the money will come.”

Once you find that “thing,” your “purpose,” how do you know that you are doing what you are called to do? Will you really be fulfilled

every.    single.    second…?

Well, that’s unlikely.

The Journey to Wellness

Many of us start the new year off with resolutions. To those who say, “I don’t believe in resolutions,” I say, “Whatever!” In my humble opinion, each day is a new day and a new chance to get started towards our goals. Of course, we must take caution not to simply use lip service to talk about what we want to do, but rather, define our desires and take the action steps to fulfill them.

I have started this year with the resolve to focus on wellness. My journey to wellness is borne of my fight with fibroids. Despite having had surgery last year to remove the fibroid that was causing my problems, they (the problems) are not gone. And I brought this year in with iron and energy levels so low that one of my resolutions was made for me.

Part of my healing journey has been to begin this blog. I believe that along with the journey to physical wellness we must look at our whole person. Our physical being is affected by our emotional and spiritual wellness. In that capacity, this blog will address not only physical issues, but also relationship, financial, spiritual, and other issues.

During this journey, my beliefs will become known (I am a Christian woman), and it is not my objective to offend anyone of differing faiths.  However, I do have faith in Jesus Christ, and part of my journey to spiritual wellness will include the desire to increase my faith along the way.

You are welcome to join me along the journey of Wellness and Purpose. 

Enjoy the ride!